Is your dog lazy?  Are you too busy to get out and take him for a walk?  Or is your dog naughty and needs a little training to make him the perfect pet? Or are you going away and need someone to feed and walk your pets? We've got the answer!

Ring Paul at Dog Lovers - Croydon Dog Walking & Training on 0402 106 696.

At Dog Lovers - Croydon Dog Walking, we offer our walking and training services in Croydon and the surrounding areas.
We will pick up your dog, take it to a park for a fun walk and play or walk them around your local streets. We then return your pet to your home with minimum fuss to you. Dog Lovers - Croydon Dog Walking also provide your pet with treats, fresh water, lots of love, and hugs!

Our pet transport van is designed to carry your pet in safety with 16 individual accommodations so that your pet is not crammed in with other dogs on the way to the park giving them a stress free start to their outing.

All Dog Loverís walkers are completely reliable and genuine pet lovers, fully covered by public liability insurance, and Victoria police checked for your petís safety.

Please feel free to call Paul to discuss your personal dog walking or training needs and further details.

Our prices are competitive and are great value for money.

We offer:
Dog Walking - Private walks, group walks and training walks.
Pet Taxi - Groomers, the vet, the airport.
Home Visits - Feed, water 1/2 hour play.

1 dog Casual Walk - (2 or less walks per week) 1 hour  $25.00                               
1 dog *Regular Walk  - (3 or more walks per week long term) hour 1 hour $20.00
1 dog Regular Walk - Ĺ hour $20.00
2 dogs Casual Walk - 1 hour $35.00
2 dogs *Regular Walk - 1 hour $30.00

* Excludes holiday care. Casual rates apply.

Paul's Credentials:
Paul has been training his own four dogs Groucho (Beagle) Pepper (Kelpie/Staffie X), Holly Golightly (Kelpie), and Kira Bella (Moodle) in both obedience and agility since 1994. He has qualified in the Top 10 Agility Dogs in Victoria Competition for 4 consecutive years with Pepper and qualified 5 consucutive years Holly in the Top 10 Jumping dogs in Victoria Competition. In 2006, Paul and Holly won the title of ďTop Jumping DogĒ in Victoria.

He has also been a professional obedience instructor, has been grooming dogs for 5 years and is currently completing his Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation). Australiaís only government accredited, nationally recognised, dog trainer certification course.

In our initial consultation we come to your home free of charge and discuss your requirements and your petís specific needs. We compile a profile on your pet and answer any questions you may have. We will also provide information about our terms & conditions.

Our dog walking service is ideal for dogs that just need a walk, are over weight, destructive, lonely, or have behavioural problems.

Also, if you have heavy work commitments, your lifestyle is too busy, or may be you just canít manage walking your pet due to a physical disability, this service is ideal for you.

Full Hour Walk:
Your dog will receive a full one hour walk as our walks start from the time the dog get to the park and this does not include pick up and travel time to and from parks.

Our walking groups are small group, so there will be no more than six dogs being walked at any one time. We feel this allows us to offer more attention to your dog which allows us to build a strong and close relationship with your pet.

Private Walk:
At Dog Lovers - Croydon Dog Walking we also offer individual walks for your dogs. If your dog doesn't like the company of other dogs, they may feel intimidate in a group situation which would make them stressed in a group walk. If this is the case, we offer individual one hour of walking time along with travel to the park without the company of other dogs, so the whole process will be stress-free!

We walk Mondays through to Fridays, rain, hail or shine. For more information on our dog walking services, you can contact Paul using our Dog Lovers Melbourne web site.

Training Walk:
Dog Lovers - Croydon Dog Walking also offer training walks. As we have had extensive obedience training both as a student and also instructing we have the experience to offer this service to you. Paul, our primary instructor was an obedience instructor at a professional dog school in Blackburn, and is now currently doing his Certificate III in Dog Behaviour. He is also an assistant instructor at ADT (Australian Dog Training). With this knowledge we can help with all your training problems, or while walking your dog continue to train your dog to its next level of obedience.

Dog Lovers - Croydon Dog Walking can also provide solutions for behaviour problems, such as pulling on the lead, toilet training or jumping on guests, just to name a few. If you have any problems ring us and we will tell you how we can help with your particular problems.
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